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Bridging Sound and Comfort Accross Generations

I strongly believe that providing young musicians at an early age access to the full sound potential of their chosen instrument, provides them with an invaluable opportunity to educate their ear and helps them with an important edge as performers.


Limited amount of hand made violins small sizes exist in the world.


With extra attention to the workmanship and special set up for the comfort of playing those instruments, equal to full size violins, makes them extremely unique.


As a result, gifted young musicians are often left to play instruments that severely lack in sound quality and limited by a set up.


The idea to build large number of 3/4 size violins, the last transitional step to the full size violin, historically was never undertaken by any violin maker.

Dylan Hamme plays on a 3/4 violin made by Boris Sverdlik

" Boris is a man of impeccable integrity. He is also an old school violin maker of incredible skill and an attitude of perfectionism.  It was a great blessing for our family to get to know him and for my son to have a privilege to play on his instrument.


There is no telling who he would be without his violin. For a child with great musicality and perfect pitch to have this musical friend of outstanding tone/clarity and responsiveness is a musical education in itself. Every time he plays people have tears in their eyes. There is a living breathing quality to this instrument that is difficult to describe.

It is my hope that there are many who understand that real musicians need REAL instruments at any age.  I also hope that this undertaking will find the support and funding  that it deserves. Our deep gratitude to Boris  for making this possible. "

~ Olga Berg (mother of Sebastian Berg)

" Your work for young children in their quest for the great pleasure of playing on a fine violin is the greatest work possible.  Your instruments sing with great hope that our children will find their voices to join in the humane endeavor of making great music.


Your instruments are beautiful in appearance and sound.  To have them grow from the 3/4 to full size is a miraculous idea.  These instruments will inspire a new generation of violinists to become artists for peace. "


~ Eric Lewis | Manhattan String Quartet

11-year-old violin star gets surprised by his idol


Dylan Hamme is a talented 11-year-old violinist who plays on the streets of New York City for tourists. His idol, musician Joshua Bell, surprises him and asks to play a duet. 


Hamme says there’s nothing he’s quite as devoted to as his 3/4-size handcrafted violin, loaned to him by noted luthier Boris Sverdlik.

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