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“ I am glad to report that I have been cured of the myth that only Old Italian instruments can sound really good! The cure was affected by living violinmaker Boris Sverdlik, whose instruments are equal to the best Italian masterpieces ever made. At a small fraction of the cost of an Italian violin from the “ Golden Period”, I am privileged to own and play a violin that offers in abundance everything a player requires: gorgeous tone, enormous range of timbre, wonderful ease of response, and stunning looks.


It has put an end to decades of intense searching for suitable instruments! The relief and satisfaction are immense. If you are a string player, do yourself the favor of a lifetime: try an instrument made by Boris Sverdlik.You will never look back."


~ Piet Koornhof | South Africa


"Since 2004 I have been playing full time on Boris Sverdlik’s violins. Being the owner of a splendid Pietro Gurneri of Venice and G.B. Gadagnini of Parma, which I have been using during my tenure as a concertmaster of the Orchestra dellTeatro Comunale di Bologna.I feel Mr. Sverdlik’s instruments, have the same potential or more. Whenever I get the chance to play a great Strad or Del Gesu,the similarity with my Sverdlik is striking. I certainly didn’t find this in any instrument including Vuillaume, Pressenda,Poggi or other more recent ,presumed, alternatives to these masters. Over the last years I have been performing solo’s in Bourgeois gentilhomme, Sherezade, Brahms1 etc. with conductors like: Charles Dutot, Gatti, Abbado on my Sverdlik. The instrument has definitely outperformed my old violins. I hope that more fellow musicians will realize that it is no longer necessary to take out huge bank loans, pay high insurance premiums, suffer never ending restorations for very often very tired instruments."

~ Willem Blokbergen | Bologna


“I had a good fortune earlier this year to play for one month the violin made by Boris Sverdlik in 2008. During that period I also had to give some concerts including one in the Moscow Conservatory’s Maly Zal, which is famous for its beautiful acoustics. The response, I got from both the musicians and the audience alike, was extremely positive about the tonal qualities of the violin as well as its projection in the hall. I myself enjoyed playing it more and more throughout the month of June as it continued to open up and sound better and better.


I could wholeheartedly recommend Boris Sverdlik as one of the very best violinmakers working today, and wish him to spend as much time as possible making beautiful string instruments."

~ Dmitry Sitkovetsky, August 2010 | London


“Boris Sverdlik is without doubt one of greatest Luthiers of our time. His instruments reflect a deep sense of talent, committment, knowledge and an instinct to create the greatness of the Italian Masters.  He is a breath of freshness in profession that has long awaited his emergence.  I applaud his artistry and admire his accomplishments in the work he has so faithfully created.”

~ Stephen Kates


“Very recently, I had the occasion to see and play a new violin made by Boris Sverdlik .  The instrument is of excellent quality, very even in sound and extremely handsome.  I think Mr. Sverdlik has great talent as a luthier and the instrument, which possesses a large and pleasing sound, is of very high caliber. He will be a leading maker of violins in the years to come.”  

      ~ Sidney Harth


“I have seen, played and heard several violins made by Boris and he is in my opinion one of the best American violinmakers around at this moment. Beautiful, powerful sound and a very nice appealing and exceptional quality varnish signify all of his works.” 

~ Rudolf Koelman | Zurich



“I own two of Boris' violins and I have used them as a concertmaster, soloist and chamber music player for the last ten years. The violins sound as good as any 18th century Italian violin!” 

~ Elliot Rosoff | New York


"Boris Sverdlik is a fine violin maker. He is very dedicated to the art of violin making and his violins sound marvelously.”


~ Emanuel Borok Concertmaster, Dallas Symphony


"My viola is terrific!  Boris has stayed in touch with me regarding my instrument for over 10 years and has always been a pleasure to work with.:


~ Ann Marie Hudson, Dallas Symphony



“I bought a cello made by Boris in 2007. This instrument has changed my professional life (I'm a cellist): it sounds great, inspires to play all the time, keeps developing and surprising me in a wonderful way. With this instrument in your hands, you get the feeling that nothing is impossible. Great craftsmanship!” 

~ Degerfors Susanne, Amsterdam



“Boris Sverdlik is in my view one of the greatest violin makers and restorers of today. His instruments sound and respond like great Italian fiddles, because they are. He uses 300 year old wood and varnish of impecable pedigree. I own and cherish a Sverdlik violin and play it side by side with my 1712 Guarneri. Boris' restoration work is world renowned.”


~ Ben Breen | New York



“I have owned an instrument made by Boris since 1990. He is the only person that I trust to understand what goes into achieving a wonderful sounding instrument. After almost every chamber concert I play, someone asks me, 'What instrument do you play on?' Expecting to hear the name of an old Italian master, they are surprised to learn it is a modern instrument. I am thrilled to have this violin, an instrument comparable comparable to any old Italian violin at a fraction of the cost.”


~ Paula Oaks | Boston



“I'm a professional violin player and do a lot of solowork in all kind of theatre- and concerthalls. I was looking for more than 20 years for a good violin that suits me. After many very expensive italian violins ( no cremonese violins) I found a real cremonese violin. A Sverdlik!!!"

~ Rudolf Nottrot , Amsterdam


"The first time I played on my cello I was facinated and intrigued by the sound of the cello and the way it reacted to my playing.  I don't know what it was that made me listen that day, but I know that my cello has- and still is- teaching me a lot about sound, music and how to play the cello. Over the years the fascination has stayed as well as the feeling of huge potential inside the cello, still waiting to be discovered.  I'm very grateful to Boris for this beautiful instrument which has become a dear friend to me and I'm immensely grateful to my cello for giving me so many happy and ecstatic musical experiences.""


~ Christina Kellenberger, Amsterdam


"I have owned a violin made by Boris since 2007 and I have always played it with great satisfaction. The sound is rich and mellow, the response of the instrument is great and it really recalls the great violins of the past.  Craftmanship, too, makes it a pleasure to look at.  Thank you a lot, Boris!"


~ Defant Marcello, Italy


"Boris Sverdlik's viola that I bought is really the instrument of my life!  It is built with great care and has a beautiful sound."


~Baptist Kurvers-Kiers, Amsterdam


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