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Boris Sverdlik, has many years of experience as one of the world’s most gifted and accomplished restorers of valuable Old String Instruments. He has studied and brought to life, sometimes seemingly miraculously against all odds, many of the best violins, violas, and celli ever made.


Born in Russia, Boris was educated as a violinist. This training stood him in good stead in his career as a violin maker and restorer. It began when he moved to Israel in 1972. Boris studied the craft under the tutelage of violin maker, Amnon Weinstein, in Tel Aviv.  Three years later he enrolled in the violin making school, in Cremona Italy, after which he returned to Israel to open his own workshop, providing services to Israel’s finest musicians. In 1982 he moved to New York where he worked with Rene Morel at the Internationally renowned Jacques Francais Violin Shop, before opening his own workshop in New York City in 1986.


This wealth of experience, insight and creativity allows him to make his own string instruments in keeping with the venerable traditions of the Old Italian Masters. Beauty and elegance of design, exquisite craftsmanship and above all richness of sound are the hallmarks of his exceptional creations.


Owners of his instruments testify with overwhelming and growing enthusiasm that his affordable creations are on par with the old masterpieces, and that it enhances their professional lives tremendously.


As you experience a new instrument made by Boris Sverdlik, you will realize that critical component of a broken tradition have been reclaimed and that the highest quality need not to be a financial burden any more.   

"Boris Sverdlik is an outstanding violin maker"


~ Isaac Stern

Violin Instruments

Violin workshop in Cremona Italy

Violin Varnish

A violin made from the finest wood and constructed perfectly will not sound like a stradivarius unless it also has similar varnish, applied with the same expert touch.

Violin Varnish

17th Century Forest in Italy; 18th Century roof beams in the palace in Florence; 21st Centurt cut & exclusively used for building tops for Violins, Violas & Chelli

Violin Chin Rests
Violin Chin Rests

Keeping with the venerable traditions of the Old Italian Masters...

Violin Instruments

The innovative handmade chin rest, envisioned, designed and produced in Cremona...

Violin 3/4 Instruments

Providing young musicians at an early age access to the full sound potential of their chosen instrument...

Violin 3/4 Instruments
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